Yoga Workshops

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Iyengar Yoga: Perfecting Your Poses + Developing Your Practice
Sun 20 November 2016 / 16.30-18.30/ Triyoga Chelsea/£25 


Building a strong foundation for a safe + progressive practice: a beginners iyengar yoga workshop 
18.09.2016 / 16.30-18.30 / Triyoga Chelsea / £25 

Come and join Dina  who will lead you through a series of basic foundational postures and help you develop a thorough and in-depth understanding of these poses. You will we taught how to establish an intelligent, safe and progressive practice. She will also show you how to tailor the postures to suit your individual needs.

Careful attention as to how we position our bodies will not only save us from injury but enable each individual part as well as the physiological system to function to their best. You will learn how to practice intelligently, gain strength, co-ordination, agility, relaxation, extend your concentration and focus as well as develop mental and emotional calm. All are essential requirement not only to know your poses but also to reap the many benefits of yoga.Props will be used to suit individual requirements.

All levels
Suitable for complete beginners, students of other styles who want to discover the Iyengar method, experienced students, trainees and teachers wishing to learn the intricate detail and foundation of the advanced poses.

Benefits of basic poses
By developing and understanding the key aspects and alignment of basic poses you will be able to confidently move on to other styles and eventually onto advanced poses whilst maintaining an intelligent, safe and progressive practice. Through regular practice you will gain strength, co-ordination, agility, relaxation, extended concentration as well as mental and emotional calm.

You will learn how to
 form a strong, solid and stable foundation
 protect your body from improper use and injury
 modify the poses to suit your personal requirements
• practice intelligently with awareness and better understanding of the poses
 gain strength, co-ordination, agility, relaxation, extend your concentration and focus as well as develop mental and                  emotional calm
 improve your advance postures indirectly though the mastery of these basic asanas
 improve your postures dramatically whatever the level you are

Yoga workshops are held at: Triyoga Chelsea, 372 Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5UZTel: 020 7483 3344 

BOOK HERE * * * If booking for more than one person, please do so by calling 020 3362 3366. Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster. * * *