Timeless Yoga @ the Integrative Health Convention
Sat 13 & Sun 14 Oct 2018, London

Day 2 • Edward Suite • 10.00-11.00 a.m. • Park Plaza, Victoria, London SW1V 1EQ


Annual Two-day Convention on Complementary Health & Integrative Medicine

Doctors & therapists learning, sharing, connecting
Liberation from the fluctuations that life brings through the practice of yoga. True fulfilment comes when the restlessness of the mind, intellect and self is stilled. Come and experience the start of such a journey which will include a few basic yoga postures and simple awareness exercises. Dina will teach you how to develop an intelligent, safe and progressive practice with emphasis on alignment and tailoring the postures to suit individual needs.


Watch me talking about what I’ll be teaching at this 1-hour yoga workshop and explaining how I got into yoga.

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