Beginners Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Dina Karim

Build a strong foundation for a safe and progressive practice.

Dates to be announced

Transform your current practice whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner,bringing refinement, clarity and a deeper understanding of the key foundation poses. Join Dina for a two hour workshop exploring the detail and importance of alignment with these key poses and learn how to protect yourself from bad habits and injury. You will learn how to go deeper and develop a more rewarding practice with the confidence to grow to new levels.

Suitable for all levels, for complete beginners, students of other styles who want to discover the Iyengar method, experienced students wishing to review foundation poses and teachers who want to learn more detail, precision and the links to advanced postures.

Further Information

Careful attention as to how we position our bodies will enable each individual part as well as the physiological system to function to their best. You will learn how to practice intelligently, gain strength, with co-ordination, agility, relaxation, extend your concentration and focus as well as develop mental and emotional calm. All this is a prerequisite to tread the path of yoga.

What is Iyengar Yoga?

It is commonly well known for physical alignment of the body, detail, precision and the use of props. However here’s how Mr Iyengar himself described his method; “I just try to get the physical body in line with the mental body, the mental body in line with the intellectual body, and the intellectual body with the spiritual body so they are balanced. It’s just pure traditional yoga, from our ancestors, from our gurus, from Patanjali.”

What to expect?

You will discover;

  • how to practice key foundation postures with detail and alignment as suited to your body’s needs • how this new learning links to many poses from beginner to advanced
  • proper placement of musculoskeletal and organic systems
  • a safe, mindful and rewarding practice which will give you confidence to grow to new levels

Restorative and Pranayama Workshops with Dina Karim

Attain more awareness and control over your inner world through the practice of Pranayama. Long ago, people discovered that we are subject to the wanderings and rapid turnings of thoughts and feelings that we don’t seem to be in control of. In searching for methods to calm the mind, the breath was discovered. Over time, they elaborated that discovery into the practices called pranayama which is an integral step in the eight-limbed path of yoga.

Dates to be announced

This 2 hour workshop will help you bring refinement, clarity and deeper understanding of these practices. You will initially learn appropriate restorative poses to prepare the mind and body for an effective pranayama practice. You will then be introduced to Ujjayi, Kumbhaka and Viloma pranayamas. Having such an informed and mindful practice can take you deeper and lead you to a more rewarding practice with the confidence to grow to higher levels.

You will learn:

  • appropriate preparatory poses for effective pranayama practices
  • utmost precision and clarity
  • a mindful and rewarding practice
  • why it should be an essential and regular part of your practice

You will learn how to practice these poses and pranayama with utmost precision and clarity, and take a way a safe and effective pranayama practice – alongside a clear understanding of why it should be an essential and regular part of your practice. Suitable for those who are established in their posture practice. Not suitable for beginners.


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Equipment is provided but please feel free to bring your own mats. Please contact us if you need to purchase one.

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