“I have been coming to Dina Karim’s classes for over 15 years and plan on going to them for the next 15. As an Iyengar teacher, Dina is highly trained but it is the delivery as a teacher that makes someone special and Dina is a great teacher.  Every class I attend, I learn something new and her classes are never boring.  The discipline, the attention to detail that marks all Iyengar teachers is there in spades and Dina makes her classes fun too.  Working with a teacher for a long time, I have watched Dina mature both as a woman and a teacher.  I recommend her classes to everyone – beginner or yoga teacher or somewhere in between – you will learn and feel good.”
- Mary Parkinson

Timeless Yoga event at V&A London

Timeless Yoga event at V&A London

Timeless Yoga event at V&A London

“Dina has a deep understanding of both iyengar yoga & the human body. Her teaching is rich from this & her obvious passion for yoga. I have been a regular attendee of her classes for over a year & have really seen progress in my yoga practice (especially my inversions). I have also loved the impromptu restorative classes Dina teaches when we all arrive wiped out – very nurturing for the body & mind. ”
- Charlotte Preston

“I have been a student of Dina Karim’s for over 2 years. She teaches Iyengar yoga with clarity and precision, and she is always keeping focus on the inner aspects and not just the asanas practice. Her classes are always very mindful, I like her calm and supportive style of teaching. She is attentive to people’s needs and physical challenges – she helped me a lot to deal and work with my stiff and injured shoulders – and I find her very compassionate. I always come out of her classes feeling neutral, balanced, alert and uplifted – and with a sense of lightness and physical well being. I would definitely recommend Dina to other practitioners, whether they are starting or just started or whether they are further into their yoga journey.”
- Paola Blake

‘Dina is a highly knowledgeable and experienced teacher.  Her instructions are clear and her approach is encouraging.  With great attention to alignment in postures, Dina’s beginner courses are an excellent way to learn or re-learn the basic asanas.  Her level 1 and level 2 classes build on this and are increasingly challenging while maintaining precision in the practice.  In all her classes, Dina incorporates some of the philosophical and spiritual teachings of yoga, bringing a focus to the union of mind, body and spirit.  Dina is a very supportive teacher and I highly recommend her classes.”
- Anna Quenby

“I love going to Dina’s classes – they’re inspirational, grounding and informative”.
- Mary Francis 

“I believe that I have today inadvertently stumbled upon the Rolls Royce version of London ‘yoga practise’ ! I was lucky enough to experience a 90 minute Iyengar class with the absolutely lovely and extremely knowledgeable teacher Dina Karim. Her experience and passion for what she (so expertly) does, literally shone throughout the yoga session – she was able to effortlessly stretch and satisfy the more experienced practitioners, whilst simultaneously providing seriously workable modifications for the pregnant, the stiff and those new to yoga (which includes me ). She maintained a mantra of ultimate protection for the joints of everyone throughout all poses. She absolutely took her time to ensure the basic building blocks were perfect rather than rushing through a series of poses as if ones’ lives depended on it -she did not instil any level of competition within the class and made sure everyone worked independently with their own body throughout to take what each individual needed from the practice , and this is where her intuitive knowledge of anatomy became apparent. I can wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful professional teacher and can hand on heart say this class is well worth the journey right across town or from even further afield, but for those lucky enough to live locally to the west London post of triyoga where she teaches, you lucky Devils !!”
- Karen Waller – yoga rookie

“I enthusiastically practised yoga for more than 6 years before discovering Dina’s unique teaching. I have been attending her classes twice a week and that has already made a huge difference in the way I practice yoga. Dina teaches the fundamentals in a very professional yet caring way and from those fundamentals takes you to the harder poses. I have been literally rediscovering my body thanks to Dina’s very thorough emphasis on precision and alignment. I very highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants a true understanding of yoga. Thank you, Dina!”
- Laure Capel-Dunn

“I have been practising Iyengar Yoga for about 6 years now. I enjoy so much working with Dina. She has a wonderful and calming voice and takes you into your practice with softness, deep understanding of the body and an enlightenment which only comes with dedication and experience. One feels confident entrusted in her qualified hands. Injuries can be deeply mended with seriousness and dedication. One never leaves her class and teaching quite the same way we arrived! Stress and pains are relieved and a new you can walk away with a precious and strong sense of well being.”
Elise Abreu

Timeless Yoga event at V&A London

“Dina is an amazing teacher and I keep coming back to her classes because they make me feel so good. There is a holistic element to her teaching and she is very in tune with people and what they need.  Dina’s class is a welcome time-out from the day to day stresses of modern life. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
- Melody Crowdy

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