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Dina Karim - Yoga Teacher

Dina Karim –  Yoga Teacher, teaching yoga in Chelsea London

Dina is a highly experienced teacher who has been practising and studying yoga for 25 years and teaching for 23 years.  She qualified to Junior Intermediate Level 3 in the Iyengar tradition covering various fields such as therapy, kids, pre and post-natal as well as regular yoga which includes restorative and breath work.  She has inspired countless students of various ages and conditions and teachers alike.

Dina was very fortunate to learn directly from Mr Iyengar very early in her studies of yoga, subsequently managing her own studio for 6 years until marrying and having two children. Dina continued to study with B.K.S.Iyengar and his family in Pune and here in the UK and still attends classes, workshops and intensive with his highly respected senior teachers regularly in the UK and abroad. Currently, Dina runs classes, courses and workshops at Triyoga Chelsea and The Life Centre Notting Hill, teaches at large public events as well privately, helping people to get an in-depth knowledge of yoga, to practice accurately, safely and to ultimately improve physically, mentally and emotionally and gain a healthy perspective on life.

Whilst physical alignment, detail, appropriate props use and tailoring the practice to suit the student’s individual requirements is a consistent feature in Dina’s teaching, her real passion lies in imparting a true understanding of this ancient and timeless system of personal development and learning how, through the use of our inner resources, we can free ourselves from physical, emotional and mental disturbances, in order to live in harmony with ourselves and the environment and reach liberation.

Dina is a dedicated and passionate teacher who delivers instruction with clarity and precision whilst being mindful of her students’ individual needs. Her classes, workshops and events are always inspiring, informative and fun.

“London’s best kept yoga secret” Time Out

At her regular classes, the poses are taught systematically according to students’ ability with an emphasis on practising yoga safely. The theme of each class varies weekly and rotates monthly. Please come to 4-6 consecutive classes to get the full experience and approach of Dina’s classes

Call/text Dina on 07980 594 258 or email or use the contact form to make a booking for Events/Private one-to-one/ or group yoga sessions


 “I believe that I have today inadvertently stumbled upon the Rolls Royce version of London ‘yoga practise’ ! I was lucky enough to experience a 90 minute Iyengar class with the absolutely lovely and extremely knowledgeable teacher Dina Karim. Her experience and passion for what she (so expertly) does, literally shone throughout the yoga session – she was able to effortlessly stretch and satisfy the more experienced practitioners, whilst simultaneously providing seriously workable modifications for the pregnant, the stiff and those new to yoga (which includes me ). She maintained a mantra of ultimate protection for the joints of everyone throughout all poses. She absolutely took her time to ensure the basic building blocks were perfect rather than rushing through a series of poses as if ones’ lives depended on it -she did not instil any level of competition within the class and made sure everyone worked independently with their own body throughout to take what each individual needed from the practice , and this is where her intuitive knowledge of anatomy became apparent. I can wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful professional teacher and can hand on heart say this class is well worth the journey right across town or from even further afield, but for those lucky enough to live locally to the west London branch of triyoga where she teaches, you lucky Devils !!” 
Karen Waller – yoga rookie
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